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Frequently asked questions:

Your App sucks:

a) The sync wheel spins, but nothing ever happens.

b) It shows duplicates, although the contacts are just the same.

a) It's unlikely address-o-sync causing the problems, but Apple Address Book and its backup option that has written something wrong in its data file. Try the following:

Make sure, that you have marked "Export Notes in vCards" in the vCard tab of your 10.3 Address Book preferences. This way all the notes in your vCards will be exported too.

Mark all contacts in your Address Book (Apple-a). Drag all contacts to your desktop, where they will appear as one vCard. Quit Address Book. Go to Homedirectory/Library/Application Support and delete the Address Book folder. Go to Homedirectory/Library/Preferences and delete the Start Address Book. Import the vCard on your Desktop by dropping it to the Address Book window. Everything should work now.

b) Most of the time the duplicates really differ. Check all entries and the corresponding fields (e.g. work, private). If you continue to have problems after the second sync (confirm the import of the duplicates) see a).

Can I use address-o-sync with MacOS 10.2?

We don't recommend it and won't give any support, because we haven't tried that out. With MacOS 10.2 you may share your Address Book, so MacOS 10.3 Computers can get your contacts, but you won't be able to sync correctly yourself.

What are groups?

You can specify groups in your Address Book. Choose File/New Group. Groups are quite useful. For example you may create a "business" and "private" group. Just drag and drop the addresses from "all" to one of these groups. They will remain in the "all" section, but now you are able to select a special group that will be synced. The other groups and "all" remains unaccessible.

How can I make my syncing a lot easier with groups?

Create for example a "company" Address Book group on different computers. Every time you sync your computer with the other computers, new or changed contacts that have been in the "company" group on the other machines will be put in your "company" group. Also if the contact is already in your Address Book, but not in the "company" group it will be put in this group. (of course it also stays in the "all" section or the other groups it has been before) We think, that's really cool.

I want to have address-o-sync running all the time. Does it use processor power?

You can start address-o-sync automatically every time you turn on your computer by making it a startup item. System Preferences/Accounts/StartupItems. If you close the address-o-sync window, the app will be still in the background. Choose Window/Address-o-sync window to bring it up again. Address-o-sync won't consume any processor power and needs just about 5MB memory while running in the background; it's just a rendezvous service.

Will notes also be synced?

Yes. You have to mark "Export Notes in vCards" in the vCard tab of your 10.3 Address Book preferences.

Does address-o-sync sync all Address Books of all users, that have an account on the computer?

No. address-o-sync will only sync the Address Book of the user currently logged in with address-o-sync running. If there a multiple users currently logged in on one machine (possible with 10.3 or better) you can also sync more than one user. If you want to use address-o-sync for multiple users on one computer, every user might start it from the applications folder and will have it's own preferences.

I can't connect from my desktop Mac to my Powerbook that is connected via airport to an airport basestation.

Unfortunately rendezvous doesn't support connecting from one subnet to the other. Your computers have to be in the same subnet.
a) Connect the Powerbook with an cable to the same network like your desktop Mac.
b) If you have an Airport Card installed in your desktop Mac activate airport internetsharing in your Systempreferences. Your computers can connect via airport.

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