Last update: May 2004


Interactive Robotic Installation


This is the second instance of a serie of robotic colonies. All these machines are based on either existing structures: the delta manipulator.

The manipulators are part of the family of so called parallel manipulator where the geometry entitles robustness, large envelopes and redundancy.

Out of the assembly line, the robots are lost, seeking for a new meaning of life. The behaviours of the colonies are fictituous.

Concept:       Louis-Philippe Demers
               Demers © 2004
Mechatronic:   Louis-Philippe Demers
               Vincent Boureau

Producers:     Productions Processing Plant

Co-Producers:  Ventura Dance Company

Date:          Premiere May 2005

Status:        Available for presentation
               Based in Germany


The delta manipulators: existing "products".

The choosen structure.

The behaviour.

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    Atelier trials,

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    Geometry Overview,0:30, Mb

    ©Demers/Ventura 2005
    During Fabrica III,1:10, 6Mb

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    Trial in Atelier, 3:00, Mb
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