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Interactive Robotic Installation


This is the first installation of a serie of robotic colonies. All these machines are based on either existing or theoritical mechanical structures envisioned to be used at the nano mechanical stage or on industrial manipulators used in assembly lines. The manipulators are not the typical 6DOF robot arm but rather positional devices using complex mechanical shapes.

Being blown up to human visibility and body size, the visitors can experience these now deviant macro-nano-robots in the context of colonies. Out of the assembly line, the robots are lost, seekign for a new meaning of life.

Colonies are groups of similar machines are created, namely 8 to 16.

The behaviours of the colonies are fictituous.


Concept:       Louis-Philippe Demers
               Demers © 2004
Mechatronic:   Louis-Philippe Demers
               Bernhard Bredehorn

Collaborators: Vincent Boureau
               Nicole Adam
               Kai Zirz
               Daniel Juric
Producers:     Productions Processing Plant

Co-Producers:  Montreal Science Museum

Support:       Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe
Date:          Premiere Feb 2004

Status:        Available for presentation
               Based in Germany



Parallel Manipulators
The Colony 001
The Nanomechanics Inspiration - The Cranks
The Positional Devices Inspiration - Discrete Manipulator

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    Colony 001 at Robofolies 2004

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    An interview at the Science Centre

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