Last update: March 2004


Interactive Robotic Installation
Interactive Robotic Performance


Installation Format.

L'Assemblée is the staging of the confrontation between man and a popular gathering constituted solely of machines. This installation regroups a total of 48 members layed out on a metal structure depicting the shape of an arena. This architecture creates a central focal point where a single visitor is invited to take place and called upon to perform.

L'Assemblée triggers anthropomorphic reflexes of projection towards machines by utilizing a common phenomema: the crowd and the masses. The archetype of L'Assemblée reminds the viewer of a court, of a political forum, of a freak show or of a spectacle.

L'Assemblée suggests an architecture of the discomfort: the visitor creeps into the gutter at the centre of the stadium dominated by these 64 members targeted at him/her.

This individualized and solitary experience sets the visitor at the centre of an elusive spectacle, in the role of the last human.

Performance Format.

"The robots are mounted on a large-scale metallic scaffolding. An architectural membrane for robots. The visual effect is intensely cinematic. Each robot is simultaneously a light source, a motion vehicle, a site of sound performance, a witness of the gathering spectators below and a cosmic entry-point to the digital blast above.

Pneumatically controlled, the robot lights are individually programmed, capable of finely machined, beautifully nuanced movement in tune to the surrounding dromoscopic sounds: light waves sweeping across the crowd of faces, arching upwards in Triumph of the Will light sculptural motifs' sometimes released from the codes to move at the pace of individualized robotic whimsy; sometimes aggressively grouped together like a robotic performance of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Robots as new media stars."

-- Arthur and Marie-Louise Kroker


Concept:       Louis-Philippe Demers
               Demers © 2000
Mechatronic:   Louis-Philippe Demers

Collaborators: Vincent Boureau
               Bernhard Bredehorn
               Karin Lingau
               Julie Méalin
               Annie Niemetz
               Steffen Wolf
Producers:     Canada Arts Council

Co-Producers:  Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques P.A.S.S.
               Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Date:          Premiere August 2001

Status:        Available for presentation
               Based in Germany



Background and Concepts
The Arena
Pre-Production Model

The Robot-Member
The Chair
The Control & Sound System ... under development

The Performance themes & music ... under developement
The Scenarios... under developement


  • Festival d'Expériences Robotiques - F.E.R. P.A.S.S. (Frameries, Belgium)
    August 2001

  • ELEKTRA 2001 A.C.R.E.Q. (Montreal, Canada)
    15,16,17 November 2001

  • Via 2002 Le Manège (Maubeuge,France)
    March 15th to March 23rd 2002

  • Exit 2002 Maison des Arts de Créteil (Créteil, France)
    March 28th to April 6th 2002

  • EMAF 2002 EMAF (Osnabreuck, Germany)
    April 24th to May 20th 2002

  • Capitale Européenne de la Culture Lille 2004 (Lille, France)
    Dec 2003 to March 2004


  • Images

    ©Demers 2001

    Press kit selection,

    ©Demers 2001

    The Making Of L'Assemblée,COMING SOON

    ©Demers 2001

    L'Assemblée at ELEKTRA 2001

    ©Demers 2001

    L'Assemblée at the HfG Kubus,

    ©Demers 2001

    L'Assemblée at EMAF 2002

    ©Demers/Valette 2001-03

    L'Assemblée photographed by Emanuel Valette

  • Sound Samples




    White Noise / Sacred Noise.
  • Movies

    ©Demers 2001

    Final piece during Elektra 2001,

    ©Demers 2001

    QT- VR during Elektra,

    ©Demers-Saup 2001

    360 Panoramic Movie 3.7Mb
    ©Demers 2000

    Anim Crowd Beat QT-Mov, 00:05 Min, 200k
    ©Demers 2002

    L'Assemblée -Live Performance 15Mb
    ©Demers 2001

    L'Assemblée - Concepts 6.3Mb

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