Last update: Nov 2004


An operetta for robots


In 200041 after the invention of the record player, human beings have done a bunk, i.e. they have been lost with all hands, but not their souls or angels. Fortunately, industrial robots have survived, and their role and  raison d'être are that of perpetually playing out the great human myths: The Gallic War, Operation Desert Storm and Armageddon, operettas in an  inimitable style, full of killings, massacres and liquidations.

The musicians perched at the top of the arena are like a group of angels, lightly touching the electric instruments (sensors, theremins, infra-red sensors, etc.). Others are playing the trumpets of fame and those of Jericho (New Music).

The robots, each of which has an enormous loudspeaker for a mouth, are 21 in number; 12 form an articulate choir of thaumaturgic angels.

No human voices, only voice synthesis: barbaric words and songs to the gentle metallic swish of the first human-type grunts, a real operetta libretto with entrances and exits, interjections, divine interventions, spoken and sung dialogues, mistaken identities, and, as a finale, an armed battle: a real carnage.

A destroyed robot is one that has spoken more than three times.


Concept:       Louis-Philippe Demers
               Demers © 2004
Mechatronic:   Louis-Philippe Demers
               Bernhard Bredehorn
               Vincent Boureau

Collaborators: Daniel Juric
               Nicole Adam
               Kai Zirz
Producers:     Productions Processing Plant

Co-Producers:  Art Zoyd

Support:       Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe
Date:          Premiere Feb 2004

Status:        Available for presentation
               Based in Germany

Under the arena and inside are the various robot actors and singers from the comic opera [operetta], varying in size and appearance.  Each robot assumes the shape and appearance of its dramatic and liturgical function, like the industrial robots of yesteryear.

The robots move around horizontally or vertically.  Some come from the earth, others from the skies, and lastly some from nowhere (illusions).  Each robot bears its own light.

The robots are:

1. Robbie-Robot a mistake, of the “Forbidden Planet” type

2. God [another name for Eliôn, Elohim, AdonaÏ…],

3. Enoch fearsome voice, roosting animal

The rebel angels

4. Shemêhaza fallen angel, leader of the rebel angels

5. Baraqial fallen angel, taught astrology to men

6. Kokabiel fallen angel, taught the star signs

7. Ziqiel   fallen angel, taught astronomy


The messenger angels:

8. Ezekiel  angel of light

9. Michael  angel in charge of righteous men and nations

10. Ouriel  another messenger

The Choir of archangels and angels

(a clattering choir suspended from about 12 synchronised motor-controlled arms and torsos)

  • Lille 2004 Aeronef (Lille,France)
    March 2004
  • Scène Nationale Théatre Le Manège (Maubeuge,France)
    Dec 2004


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