i am your valentine (how i love norway)

February 15th, 2012

i am your valentine

photo made by  semund svelle – 14.02.2012

alexander tinei paints ron sluik

April 14th, 2011

alexander tinei paints ron sluik 2011

alexander tinei – ron sluik (april 2011)

Natland SB +1

April 2nd, 2011

natland sb + 1
Sluik gives an open form lecture at Bergen Arkitektskole, 6 April, 14.00


Rugina Park Chisinau is National Cultural Heritage!

March 29th, 2011

What follows is the middle of a recent conversation between Norwegian temporary art consultants Tilbud & Tilbake (T) and former contemporary artist Ron Sluik (S) who is currently active as the disposable curator of Natland SB concept Galleri Bergen, Norway.

T: So you are saying RUGINA is not just some other cool place behind the curtains but an actual global cultural heritage site?

S: Exactly, and I would even go further than that: let someone immediately call UNESCO to put it on the list for the next decision round. This is one of a kind. There is not a similar thing in a circle of a thousand kilometers around Bessarabia!

T: you are, as usual, exaggerating. Give us some clarity, facts, your facts to start with.

S: It is minimum twelve years ago I first visited the sight and I continued going countless times in the years I lived in that City. I would take the odd visiting foreigner to the place just to see their mouth drop, ha ha! Something like: look what we have got in our town! You did not think we would, do you?

T: Sounds kind of… kind of self appropriating and a claiming attitude…

S: Well, that is what it SHOULD be. That is what good work does to you: it actually becomes a part of you. It is yours. You do not want somebody to touch or hurt it because that hurts you individually and that is exactly the case here.

T: describe in your own words what we have not seen ourselves.

S: It is a park of monuments. It was created in the mid eighties by two artists: Ischimschi and Moscov. They collected metal scrap, rusty leftovers and disposed manufactured ready mades in the surrounding area of their ateliers. Transported it from discovery point homewards by bike as far as I know… and they welded it all together like a united Ion and Ivan Tingueley and probably in a tempo like David Smith made the Voltri sculptures! I doubt actually if they had any knowledge about these Western brothers in arms while they were on the job and that even makes it more genuine and precious to keep. Now they are the witnesses of a past era, a warning and in the mean time a garden of contemplation…. Did I mention arte povera?

T: Sorry for interrupting but… where is it?

S: Chisinau, the Moldovan Capital Chisinau, in the Sculeni district, a little hidden and on the edge of the town. Must have been a free haven in sovietic days like Christiania in Kopenhagen. At least 15 artists had their studios there in some old storagehouse annex factorybuilding. What the two created was exposed in the frontyard. No budget for transport, no buyer or keeper elsewhere and so organically a whole collection of huge objects appeared and formed together this island of discoveries. As far as I am told the works had a political load, a hint of rebellion against the state. Some of the sculptures where real mean machines with moving mecanics and throbbing gristling sounds. I have not seen them work however: the weather and years had already prevented those extra pleasures when I first encountered them.

T: you are pulling our leg.

S: hmpffgrktdgdvrdm.

T: So what is now the problem?

S: Free market economy and the greedy part of progress. Artist Moscov left with family the country years ago. Architect Ischimschi stayed behind to look after the ships. His neighbours in the complex also moved… not geographically but mentally, and started to claim their grounds, put up fences, buy their stake and harass the ones not willing to embrace the new world. So, the park has to go now and is already partly wounded.

T: Action?

S: Is it too much to ask? Some concerned people in Moldova are now working on a petition. I like to share their concern. I ask you to do the same. I am not kidding when I say: National Heritage. If I were the Mayor of Chisinau or the President of Moldova I would know: deprivatizise the whole area and make it into some meeting point of awareness and pride. A centre for comtemplation the fragile future. Tear down the fences and stop the expanding dirt of cheap art. Get rid off that commerce and ignorance. Wake up and protect what really has value. Do not keep the place for yourself but open it up and bring the youth to see and feel proud of such beauty instead of hiding it for the selected few. Thousands should follow the paths to these true statues of liberty! Art might not solve all trouble ahead but is certainly a doorway to better times and RUGINA is one of those keys to open that particular door!


sign the petition

Do you have an answer to my agonizing question?

March 17th, 2011

My fulltime professional occupation is questioning  (con)temporary art.  A longterm friend and observer of my works wrote this morning he thought  the old time creations were  poignant and the new just baffling. I have never been so active in my life with creating new work and it seems to get more and more by the day. That sounds good but… something is missing.

I just passed 50 this week. I went to art academy (aki enschede)  from 1979 till 1984 . A five year course which is considered now a bachelor degree. I would like to become a student again and get a master degree. Is there anybody out there who is reading this who can tell me if this is possible? Please contact me if you can help.

video: answer to what is art

video: the artist has stopped emerging

and finally one new video…

December 12th, 2010

Natland SB art Galleri Bergen temporary turns into Lazio Natland SB galeria Italia.

November 1st, 2010

Lazio Natland SB galeria

During the months October and November 2010 Natland SB will be located in Fonte Nuova, some 15 km north east of Rome. Natland SB art Galleri Bergen opens a temporary well. On the last day of October during the Second Rectangular Table Meeting the initiative was taken to get walls for a new galeria:  Lazio Natland SB shows for a little while exposements Made in Italy like truely recycled Arte Povera .

Natland SB art Galleri – summer activities 2010

May 22nd, 2010

74 announcement  for natland sb how much less is more seminar 12. 13 June 2010



Life is short but not in a hurry. Before we are disabled, disposed, dissolved and dismissed we manifest. Let us leave some filthy but good looking traces and marks. Early March 2010 Natland SB art Galleri launched yet another way of looking at art. It is indoor online with ongoing exposements, interventions and some permanent displays. Now time has come to expand towards outdoor activities and manifests:



With sincere pleasure and constructive senism Natland SB art Galleri organizes the first outdoor manifest which will happen at a special location in Bergen Norway, Saturday 12 of June 2010. There is not much to tell about it ahead but here is a little. Just trust Natland SB. This seminar is open for all. There is however a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 16 participants. Persons interested are suggested to email promptly and await details.


The second Natland SB art Galleri outdoor manifest this summer is the meeting in a Moravian village on Thursday 24th of June 2010. This is for invited guests only but persons who show up uninvited will not be rejected.

For any questions and further details you are kindly requested to contact us and we will personally attend to it swiftly.



Natland SB art Galleri Bergen

photo update sluik 16.04.2010 – free offer – available for immediate press release

April 16th, 2010


What is a former contemporary artist ?

April 13th, 2010

me me me me

Never been much of a visual artist. Can not really draw or paint or sculpt. No magic lines, so i decided to become a contemporary artist instead… I did not know back then this is much more difficult… I make a distinction between the terms visual artist and contemporary artist. Contemporary artists are rare: not all visual living artists today are contemporary and in the mean time not all contemporary artists are visual artists. There are many visual artists calling themselves contemporary without thinking about the term. There are also (too?) many persons calling themselves artist without thinking about the contents of the word artist but not all artist necessarily have to think. I have come to the conclusion that i have tried to be a contemporary artist and been it at least for a few seconds but am not sure if i succeeded in the continuation of trying till present.

Therefor i call myself today a ‘former contemporary artist’. Something i am now. I am former now. I might become present again or even contemporary one day. This could also be when i am not around anymore. It does all in all not matter much: these self given titles, tags and labels but it clears the air a little. Other questions?